Once The Watchlyst is installed on your store it's time to try it. Find a product that you want the price to be reduced, or has a variant that needs to drop in price if you have multi-variant products.

Open the product page in your browser and you should see The Watchlyst button on the product page. Click the button and The Watchlyst registration form appears. Enter your email address and target price and hit Set Alert.

If you don't see the The Watchlyst button we might need to set some specific configuration for your store theme. Just drop an email to support@thewatchlyst.freshdesk.com with the URL of the product page. 

Head back to the Dashboard - Stats - overview and you will see the total number of alert subscribed, email captured, notification sent and the number of visitors returned to your store. Find more detail report in options below the overview tab. Once you update the price of this product below your target price the notification will automatically be sent.

The Watchlyst bot checks the product prices 6 times a day (every 4 hours.) So you should receive an email between 2 minutes to 4 hours on reducing the price.